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Niece Takes Insomniac Granny To Khon Kaen Nightclub, Senior Dances On Stage After Downing Shots

Niece takes granny nightclub

Some people believe that age is just a number – people are never too young or too old to enjoy their lives.

Whether this statement is scientifically proven or not, one thing we’re sure about is that as long as we are still alive, nothing can stop us from being fabulous.

Here’s the story of an insomniac granny who was taken to a nightclub in Khon Kaen and danced on a stage after downing shots.

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Insomniac granny hangs out at nightclub for the first time

On 28th December 2021, Thai TikToker @Supanida_aon posted a clip of her granny’s first visit to a nightclub, Tawandang Mahachon, in Khon Kaen.

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The granny’s visit happened shortly after OP was told by the old lady that she was experiencing insomnia. She responded by bringing her granny to a nearby nightclub.

Screenshot: @Supanida_aon

After arriving at the spot, the granny took several shots and, from what the video shows, had an enjoyable time at the bar.

At this point, you may expect that she would’ve gotten too drunk and had to be escorted back home afterwards. But don’t underestimate the energy of this old lady yet. She’s much stronger than you think.

The granny enjoyed the bar’s performance & set the stage on fire

After downing her shots, the granny decided to go onto the stage and proceeded to set it on fire.

GIF: @Supanida_aon

She gave the singer a tip and joined in the dancing on the stage.

GIF: @Supanida_aon

The granny continued dancing with others in front of the stage, even though she needed to use a walking stick.

GIF: @Supanida_aon

With her strong energy and great spirit, the granny stole the bar’s spotlight and received a warm welcome from other visitors.

Some even took a photo with the granny and clinked glasses with her.

GIF: @Supanida_aon

Netizens praises the granny’s energy

After the clip was uploaded and went viral on TikTok – with more than 700K likes – many netizens praised the old lady’s strong energy levels.

Screenshot: @Supanida_aon

Translation: The granny is so cute.

One netizen admired the granny for her charm.

Screenshot: @Supanida_aon

Translation: Did she need to show her ID card? LOL

Another netizen made a hilarious comment wondering if the granny was of-age to visit bars.

Screenshot: @Supanida_aon

Translation: Now she has more nephews and nieces.

One TikToker commented a comical thought that the popular granny has more nephews and nieces after her visit to the club.

Don’t stop being fabulous

The story of this granny who visited a nightclub gave us one important lesson: don’t ever stop being fabulous, no matter your age.

If you want to try and convince your grandparents of this philosophy, maybe you can consider taking them out to a bar the next time they have insomnia.

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): @Supanida_aon

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