Grab driver uses boat to make food delivery

The floods in Thailand have kept people in certain areas within their homes. Without other means, most have resorted to ordering food to be delivered. So one Grab driver has made it his mission to ensure these people don’t stay hungry.

Here’s the surprising way he did it.

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Grab driver’s unconventional transport

For the past few weeks, Thailand has been hit with heavy rains which has caused flooding in many areas. Because of this, many people are trapped in their homes without food.

The military has been mobilised to help these people out by providing them with food or evacuating them if necessary.

But while they were out on duty on the 27th of September, one unit happened upon a surprising sight when they caught one man donning the full Grab driver uniform complete with a helmet rowing a boat. In order to deliver food to people, the man had taken to rowing boats to get to his customers.

Image credit: @armystrong4

All that is missing is a life vest for some extra safety. And in response to his dedication, Thai netizens reacted with glee.

Netizens praise Grab driver for his dedication

The clip, shared by TikTok user @armystrong4, has amassed over 1.1 million views. Many Thais praised his incredible dedication and heart for service.

Screenshot: @armystrong4

Translation: Great service for sure.

Screenshot: @armystrong4

Translation: The point is he’s even rowing properly.

Some were even surprised at his skill with the paddle. 

Screenshot: @armystrong4

Translation: Grab Boat. So cute.

Food for thought

In times of trouble, things can often feel bleak. So it’s heartwarming to see someone stepping out of their comfort zone and doing something extra for others in a time of true need.

Being able to order food and have it delivered despite the flooding is a nice reprieve for those who are currently suffering the effects of the rain. Kudos to the Grab driver for literally going out of his way, to do just that.

Cover images adapted from (From left to right): @armystrong4, @armystrong4, @armystrong4

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