Giant elephant visits grilled pork buffet restaurant

A few months ago, we heard the story about an elephant crashing through the kitchen wall.

Later, the picture of the animal’s head breaking through the wall went viral on social media and even became a hilarious meme from Burger King.

To fill the massive ‘footprint’ that the famous elephant had left for his fellow mammals, one of his friends finally debuted on social media and quickly became a superstar in just one night.

Here’s the story of the Thai elephant in Nakhon Nayok almost paid a visit at buffet restaurant, but chose to pass them by rather than break in and join them within the eatery.

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Giant elephant plans a surprise visit to an eatery

On 19th December 2021, a clip of the giant elephant ‘Phrai Salika’ visiting the buffet restaurant named Khun Darn Grilled Pork Buffet (ขุนด่านหมูกระทะบุฟเฟต์) became the talk of the town among netizens after it was posted on the eatery’s official Facebook page.

GIF: ขุนด่านหมูกระทะบุฟเฟต์

The unexpected visitor coming out of nowhere was spotted on camera stopping by the restaurant, surprising everyone inside.

GIF: ขุนด่านหมูกระทะบุฟเฟต์

The animal’s visit appeared to draw a lot of attention from all the guests in the eatery as they took out their smartphones to record the incident.

GIF: ขุนด่านหมูกระทะบุฟเฟต์

However, the elephant seemed not to care about the curious onlookers and continued walking towards other premises.

Let’s see where he was headed to, after visiting the eatery below.

The elephant made a beeline for the hotel opposite

After crossing the street, Phrai Salika was spotted walking straight into the opposite hotel.

GIF: ขุนด่านหมูกระทะบุฟเฟต์

Several mahouts helped each other to stop the elephant, but luckily, the massive animal eventually returned to his home in the jungle on his own.

Screenshot: Thairath

Junwimon Mahasup, the buffet restaurant owner, told that media she was unperturbed by the mammoth as he visits the premise almost every day, according to Sanook.

Screenshot: Thairath

Netizens react to the animal’s surprise visit & wonder if he’s hungry

After the clip was circulated on Facebook, many netizens shared their thoughts about the story and wondered if he was hungry for grilled pork.

Screenshot: Thairath

Translation: I was just hungry.

One netizen commented that the elephant might just have been hungry.

Screenshot: Thairath

Translation: Eating plants is just boring.

Another netizen spoke for the elephant, surmising that he just got tired of eating only plants.

Screenshot: Thairath

Translation: Some people should order a set of grilled pork for him.

One Facebook user thought that someone there should have ordered a set of grilled pork for the elephant, since it had paid a surprise visit.

Book a table for elephants next time

Whether the elephant’s visit at the restaurant was because he was hungry for grilled pork or not, the owner could try booking one table for the animals in the future.

Perhaps one day, these mammoths may switch from eating plants to eating grilled meat and become a regular customers in the future?

Cover images adapted from (L-R): ขุนด่านหมูกระทะบุฟเฟต์

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