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Locals See Floating Head “Flying Through” Samut Prakarn Houses, Try Ghostbusting To No Avail

Krasue reported in Samut Prakarn

Samut Prakarn faced a new shade of terror last night, when locals reportedly witnessed a woman’s head with glowing entrails flying through their neighbourhood. Many of them confirmed it was the legendary mythical monster, “Krasue”.

“It flew under the house”

Krasue Samut Prakarn Man Sighting“It flew through my window,” said Mr. Nimcharoen
Image credit: Sanook

Mr. Peerapong Nimcharoen was the first to witness the fright. According to Thai Rath, Mr. Nimcharoen woke up at 10PM on 9th January 2021 to find a floating woman’s head with glowing entrails flying in his house through the window. He quickly woke up his mom and grabbed the flashlight, only to find that Krasue had already flown away. Mr. Nimcharoen reportedly saw it fly under his neighbour’s house. 

Armed with knives, Mr. Nimcharoen and his uncle waited all night for the Krasue to come out. However, Krasue was nowhere to be found. 

Krasue Sighting Woman Samur Prakarn“I saw it under the basement,” said Ms. U-ma
Image credit: Sanook

Ms. Waranya U-ma, the owner of the house Krasue flew under, claims she witnessed the monster too. She recounts that after hearing about Mr. Nimcharoen’s sighting of Krasue, she quickly searched her basement with a flashlight, where she saw glowing entrails. Ms. U-ma also reportedly heard banging noises from under the house.

The aftermath 

Krasue Samut Prakarn HouseMan pointing at the 30 cm tall basement where Krasue was reported hidden.
Image credit: Thai Rath

Mr. Nimcharoen’s encounter sparked the community’s attention. The next evening, numerous people gathered around his and his neighbour’s house to witness Krasue. Members of the community also placed raw intestines and live chickens near the cellar to draw Krasue out, but ultimately failed as Krasue is nowhere to be seen.

What is Krasue anyway?

Krasue Thai Ghost Spirit
Image credit: Wikipedia

Krasue is one of many Thai mythical creatures. During the day, the spirit looks just like everyone else. At night, the Krasue’s head flies off of its body –  with its trademark glowing, dangling entrails and heart –  to hunt for food. The head attaches itself back to the body before dawn.

This mythical creature can also be found in nearby countries folklore including Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Malaysia. 

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Featured image adapted from: Sanook, Phisayong’s Blog

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