Food Delivery Apps In Bangkok For When You Can’t Be Bothered To Cook Or Dare The Heat

Guide to food delivery apps in Bangkok

Many food delivery apps have come and gone, but the hunger still remains. As much as we’d recommend home cooking for a healthy diet, there are days when there’s just too much work to think about cooking. On those days, the unbelievable convenience of Bangkok’s food delivery apps is a godsend. All it takes is a simple touch for Bangkok’s legendary food scene to get delivered straight to your door in no time at all.

Here are the food delivery apps in Bangkok we think you should check out.

1. Grab Food – the OG

Image credit: @boh.bkk via Instagram

Despite setbacks and multiple competitors, Grab Food remains the standard for food delivery in Bangkok. If you’re from overseas, then you may be well-acquainted with their partner Uber Eats.

The app has one of the most comprehensive list of restaurants and street food stalls you’ll find. For penny-pinchers, you’ll be bombarded with constant flash deals for meals you never even knew you wanted.

Grab Food is available on the Play Store here.

2. LINE MAN – the popular messaging app’s answer to Grab

Image credit: @pattywh_mood via Instagram

If you’ve had Thai friends, then you’ve no doubt seen that LINE is very popular among the locals. Unlike other messaging apps like Telegram or WhatsApp, however, LINE has its own sister app that offers courier and taxi services. One of those courier services is, of course, food delivery.

LINE MAN has a simple interface that will make you feel right at home if you’re used to Grab Food. You’ll find many of the popular options you’d find on Grab here as well, but there are some restaurants that will only show up on either app, so it’s good to have both if you’re craving something very specific.

LINE MAN is available on the Play Store here.

3. foodpanda – an reliable options for introverts

Image credit: @foodpandathailand via Instagram

Unlike the other two listed so far, foodpanda is for one purpose and one purpose only – to get you your food. While other apps have additional taxi services, foodpanda delivers only food and groceries.

While it’s not as much of a household name as the other two, foodpanda is an underrated answer to your hunger. For foreigners, most menus will also have English.

You might not see as much pink jackets on motorcycle riders in Bangkok, but netizens say that the few that are there are consistent and quality deliverers. As a plus, many netizens also say that if you leave a note to just leave the food at the door, these riders are happy to accommodate – something that’s great for introverts.

foodpanda is available on the Play Store here.

4. Robinhood – the new kid on the block that supported small local eateries during Covid

Image credit: Siam Commercial Bank

For a more local experience, one alternative is Robinhood.

This one was made during Covid by Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) to help struggling smaller local eateries. As such, you can expect more small street food stalls with pre-dominantly Thai menus.

Be careful though, SCB’s apps have a reputation among Thai netizens as being a bit problematic, so you might have to contend with that.

Robinhood is available on the Play Store here.

5. ShopeeFood – shopping for…food

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This one came as a surprise when we first saw it on the streets. That’s right – Shopee has joined the food delivery scene in Thailand and they’ve brought their deals along with them.

If you don’t know, Shopee is one of the two big online shopping apps in Thailand, the other being Lazada. Unlike its competitor, Shopee has made its foray into food delivery. You can find their food section on their app.  Most of their menus are still in Thai, however, so get a translator ready.

Shopee is available on the Play Store here.

6. 7-11 Delivery – all those convenience store options but even closer this time

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We hate walking outside in the heat here in Bangkok, but this is egregious even to us. The omnipresent 7-Elevens of Thailand have somehow become even more widespread, this time through delivery.

The exact same 7-Elevens that have developed a notorious reputation for popping up everywhere, even straight across the street from each other, is now offering delivery to increase their range even further.

Like every other option here, you can find their app on the App Store or Google Play. They’ll deliver damn near everything from their stores including all those delicious microwavable goodies.

The 7-Eleven app is available on the Play Store here.

Hate the heat? Use these food delivery apps in Bangkok

If you’ve read this far, then you’ve probably been in Thailand long enough to understand why we don’t like walking on the streets of Bangkok too much. We don’t blame you for wanting food delivered to the comfort and coolness of your home, we do it too.

So spare yourself the trouble and book your next meals using these reliable food delivery apps in Bangkok. And if you’re afraid of your friends finding out that you’re not having the authentic street food experience, don’t worry we won’t tell.

For a list of street food places, check out our ultimate guide to Bangkok’s street food or a localised version for Silom. Alternatively, if you’re not looking for specific eateries, check out these iconic dishes you must try when you’re in Thailand.

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