Virtual plane trips in Japan

Images adapted from: Lonely Planet

As COVID-19 continues to put international tourism on hold, travellers around the world are overwhelmed by the urge to go to visit the airport and catch a plane to a destination their heart desires. 

Although travellers in Japan are now facing the same problem, they’re lucky enough to have First Airlines. This fully-fledged virtual reality airline can take you to many well-known destinations without even having to take off.

Experience realistic plane trips

Image credit: The Guardian 

By paying ¥4,980 (~$46) for a business-class seat and ¥5,980 (~$60) for first-class, customers will get to relive travelling by plane – right from the boarding process.

Once onboard, everybody will be greeted by flight attendants who will also perform safety demonstrations – you know, that super important thing that we tend to ignore.

Image credit: Lonely Planet

During your flight, flight attendants will serve beverages and meals. A skilled chef specially prepares the food, and the menu changes depending on the destination of the plane.

Let’s say your destination is New York. The menu will include something like chopped salad and Manhattan clam chowder while the flight to Paris will have dishes such as salmon tartar and onion soup.

Explore your ‘destination’  

Images adapted from: Lonely Planet

This exciting trip doesn’t just end after a few hours of sitting down, but everyone can explore the destination through virtual reality goggles afterwards.

Japanese travellers can visit and do sightseeing at world-famous landmarks and attractions such as Rome, New York, Paris, and many more from the comfort of their seat. The flight simulation takes about 2 hours. 

According to South China Morning Post, the bookings went up about 50% since the pandemic broke out. Looking at the numbers, we’re certain that many people are more than ready to travel for real again.

This virtual plane trip is such a brilliant idea! We bet many travellers in Thailand can use a service just like this while waiting for the vaccine to come out so we can safely travel again.

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