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Firecracker Ball Explodes In Ex-Soldier’s Mouth, Wanted To Prove His Holy Amulet’s Power To Friends

Firecracker ball injures man’s mouth in Thailand

In Thai culture, some of us strongly believe that wearing amulets can protect us from harm.

If wearers, however, decide to ‘play with fire’ themselves, even the holiest of amulets may not confer its protective powers on them.

Here is the story of a Thai man in Amnat Charoen who accidentally suffered injuries from placing a firecracker ball  in his mouth after trying to prove the magical properties of his amulet.

Let’s see how this tale provides a good explanation on why we shouldn’t risk it all – even if it’s just to prove our faith in higher powers.

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Thai ex-soldier gets drunk & attempts to prove his amulet’s power

Image credit: amarintv

On 22nd October 2021, a Thai ex-soldier had a drink with his friends at home in Amnat Charoen. He reportedly boasted to his friends about the efficacy of his holy amulet which protected him from harm in his service as a soldier, reported AmarinTV.

Since nobody seemed to believe in his claims, the intoxicated man decided to do something risky.

Dropped two firecracker balls into his mouth

The man then proceeded to drop a firecracker ball into his mouth, in a bid to prove the magic ability of his amulet.

Despite the efforts of his friends to stop him, the intoxicated ex-soldier decided to give it a second try, with yet another firecracker ball.

Little did he expect that his decision was about to change his life forever.

Second firecracker ball explodes in the man’s mouth

Image credit: amarintv

Unfortunately, the second firecracker ball exploded in the ex-soldier’s mouth, shattering almost all of his teeth and resulting in heavy blood flow from his mouth.

After the accident, his friend called an ambulance, and he was rushed to the nearest hospital, according to Thairath.

According to the paramedics, the man’s mouth may not return to normal since the explosion has left massive wounds on both sides of his cheeks. We hope that he recovers soon from the trauma of the injury.

Netizens react and are concerned about the man’s condition

After the story went viral, many netizens shared their satirical comments about the man’s actions.

While some were sympathetic, others talked about how the man’s decision to place the second ball in his mouth, wasn’t wise at all.

Screenshot: ไทยรัฐนิวส์โชว์


#Firstball Amulet could not escape the bomb = you survived.
#Secondball Amulet was already bomb = you failed

Others shared their doubts if the amulet would continue to retain its protective powers after the incident.


Screenshot: ไทยรัฐนิวส์โชว์

Translation: The amulet is no longer holy anymore.

To conclude, we really hope that the man has learned a valuable lesson and will not attempt anything risky, even under the protection of sacred objects in the future.

Please do not test whether sacred objects work by endangering ourselves

Though we can wear amulets for protection or a peace of mind, we shouldn’t use our talismans to test whether they can truly prevent danger from happening to us directly.

By placing ourselves in harm’s way, we are endangering ourselves and those we love. It’s still wise to keep our faiths close to our hearts, but also do our best to stay out of danger.

Cover images adapted from: amarintv

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