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Thai Boys Ride An Elephant To School In Surin Instead Of A Bus

Elephant school ride in Thailand

Despite being in the 21st century, there are many people who still believe that Thais ride elephants to school or to work. Sorry to break the news, but we actually don’t.

Or, so I thought.

Currently going viral on Facebook are pictures of three boys in the Surin province who decided to ride an elephant to school.

Here’s what we know about the boys and their elephant ride, as well as what the netizens are saying about it.

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Thai boys seen riding an elephant to school in Surin

On the morning of 17th June 2021, a teacher from Banyawuek School in Surin shared pictures of three boys arriving at school on an elephant. It was captioned “the ultimate way to send students to school”.

The elephant was seen greeting the teachers before entering the school ground.
Images adapted from: Pongput Ngarmlert

The three boys and their unique chariot were first spotted on the road, before being dropped off at the school’s outdoor basketball court.

Image adapted from: Pongput Ngarmlert

They were also accompanied by a mahout who is believed to be the father of one of the students, according to Daily News.

Netizens’ hilarious takes on the story

An elephant dropping off students is a truly rare sight to see, even in the Kingdom where this grand animal is the country’s symbol.

It’s no surprise that the post has 11,00 shares at the time of writing, as well as comments from amused netizens.

Screenshot: Pongput Ngarmlert

Translation: A medal of cuteness to both the students and the new “school bus”.

Whilst many were quick to comment on how adorable the boys and the elephant are, others are filling the post with other hilarious takes.

Screenshot: Pongput Ngarmlert

Translation: The gas price has been high lately.

This netizen seems to think the high price of gas was the deciding factor behind opting for an elephant commute. Another commenter showed concerns regarding traffic laws.

Screenshot: Pongput Ngarmlert

Translation: Will they get penalised for having three passengers in one ride?

Some even expressed that an elephant chariot was what they had imagined to be the ultimate ride to school.

Screenshot: Pongput Ngarmlert

Translation: This was my childhood dream. Hahaha.

Last but not least, this netizen pointed out how the stereotype of Thais riding elephants to school has now become a true story.

Screenshot: Pongput Ngarmlert

Translation: Finally, Thai people who ride an elephant to school!

Animal rides in the Kingdom

Elephant rides are not the only kind of animal ride here in Thailand. There have recently been some unique rides spotted on the road, including this half-dragon-horse, half motorbike.

It’s def a delightful sight to see a bunch of school kids riding an elephant to school, and we hope that the animal is also being treated with respect.

Have you ever had a chance to ride on an elephant? If so, share us your experience in the comments below.

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Cover images adapted from: Pongput Ngarmlert

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