Elephants visit restaurant in Nakhon Nayok

Elephants are a well-known symbol of Thailand and can often be seen around the central region – even at certain restaurants. The owner of Khun Darn Mookata Buffet Im 139 Baht spoke about two elephants named Jao Sarika and Jao Nga Diew, who are regular patrons of the BBQ buffet restaurant in Nakhon Nayok Province.

Elephants travel to the restaurant in shifts 

The elephants often descend from nearby forests in search of food – perhaps due to boredom with their regular sugar cane diet. It should be noted that food is the only thing they are after – The owner emphasised that Jao Sarika, who is named after the province and Jao Nga Diew, whose name means Mr. One-Tusk, have never tried to hurt anyone. 

In fact, they’re scared of large crowds and shy away when there are too many people at the restaurant, as posted by TNN Thailand.

Two Wild Elephants Are Regular PasserbyImage credit: TNN Thailand

Some people come to the restaurant in hopes of getting a photograph of the gentle giants. Both Jao Sarika and Jao Nga Diew have established a rotational shift and come by at different times of the day. However, Jao Nga Diew is more social – and hungry – and is seen almost every day.

Two Wild Elephants Are Regular PasserbyImage credit: TNN Thailand

Elephants mean no harm 

Though there are documented instances about elephants chasing cars and bikes, what isn’t always emphasised is that these animals will not attack unless their sense of safety, their families, their homes are threatened. 

This story proves that elephants are gentle creatures who are really just looking for more variety in their diet – doesn’t that sound familiar? 

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Featured image adapted from: Asian Elephant Support

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