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Elephant Breaks Kitchen Wall, Caught Trying To Steal Food On Camera

Elephant breaks kitchen wall

You might have heard of a python breaking through toilet ceilings or even about monitor lizards casually waltzing into someone’s manor in Thailand. But, have you ever wondered if an elephant has trespassed into someone’s home?

The answer would be yes. Recently, an elephant broke into a kitchen after getting past the wall and its antics actually got caught on camera.

Let’s delve into the story about this very hungry elephant. 

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Elephant tries to steal food from kitchen

Ms. Ratchadawan Puengprasoporn, a resident of Hua Hin, caught an elephant trying to steal food from her kitchen on 20th June 2021.

After it tore through her kitchen wall, the entire incident was caught on film, as shared by the Facebook user.

Screenshot: รัชฎาวรรณ ผึ้งประสพพร 

The documented evidence reveals that some ceiling tiles and cables were damaged by the elephant. 

After the elephant left, there was a huge hole in the wall and a bit of rubble.

Image credit: รัชฎาวรรณ ผึ้งประสพพร 

The homeowner kept a safe distance from this herbivorous giant and hid behind her kitchen door, reported Kapook.

Netizens react to the elephant’s sudden appearance

An elephant break-in is quite unique. This scene thus gained a lot of attention and has up to 32K shares on the social media platform at the time of writing.

Many netizens have expressed their thoughts.

Screenshot: รัชฎาวรรณ ผึ้งประสพพร

Translation: Khan Kluay The Elephant movie.

Screenshot: รัชฎาวรรณ ผึ้งประสพพร 

Translation: Poor elephant, must be hungry. It also ate the plastic bag. I also feel bad for the owner.


Screenshot: รัชฎาวรรณ ผึ้งประสพพร 

Translation: How cute.

Elephants need to be protected

There may be an explanation for the elephant’s intrusion into the resident’s home – it most likely couldn’t find any food in the wild due the loss of the creature’s natural habitat.

Elephants in Thailand are listed as protected animals due to their endangered status.

Thanks to this netizen who shared these videos and images on the internet, others can now be more aware of these majestic animals’ behaviour, and contribute to conservation efforts.

What are the endangered animals in your country? How would you react if they broke into your home? 

Cover images adapted from: รัชฎาวรรณ ผึ้งประสพพร

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