Thai woman loses bulk of eggs to monkey

Everyone loves a bulk sale. Getting a huge quantity of something you need at a fair price is something that sounds almost too good to be true.

Unfortunately, it sometimes is. When you buy so much stuff, you sometimes have no choice but to put it in the back of an exposed pickup truck – essentially making your purchase vulnerable.

Here’s the story of a woman whose bulk purchase was ruined by a group of mischievous and hungry monkeys.

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Monkeys enjoy eggs in the back of a pickup truck

On 9th November 2021, Thai TikTok user, @siangthong_ple, posted a video taken from the cabin of a pickup truck she was in. The footage showed a very large quantity of eggs in the back of the vehicle, as well as monkeys who seemed very interested in the goods.

ฝืดคอแย่เลยพวกมึง!!! กลับมาเอาแม็กกี้ก่อนนนน 🤣🐵🐒

ฝืดคอแย่เลยพวกมึง!!! กลับมาเอาแม็กกี้ก่อนนนน 🤣🐵🐒

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The first monkey we see is unashamedly digging out an egg from the covered cartons in the back of the car, as we hear those in the cabin – understandably – freaking out.

A couple more monkeys then appear on the scene. One of the primates seems to be so enthusiastic at the thought of eating an egg that they immediately place one in their mouth.

However, it seems that the monkey wasn’t trying to eat the egg, but was rather testing it.

The extremely intelligent monkey then discerned that the egg it chose was a hard-boiled one, and proceeded to peel and consume the treat.

With this chaotic event caught on camera, it’d be a shame to keep it from the public. So, we’re let’s see what other netizens had to say about the event.

Netizens react to monkeys stealing loot from a pickup truck

At the time of writing, the TikTok has gotten 17.2K likes and over 500 comments. Here are a few that stood out to us.

First up is one that echoed our thoughts exactly.

Screenshot: @siangthong_ple

Translation: They even knew which egg was a boiled egg hahaha. Love the background noise of the clip – it’s like you’re laughing in awe at the monkey’s genius.

While the above TikTok user seemed to resonate with those who found the video funny, another netizen’s comment seemed to aptly capture how we imagine OP must’ve felt.

Screenshot: @siangthong_ple

Translation: Monkeys are not cute animals for me.

With over 18K likes on the comment, we can imagine how most people feel about these animals after seeing this video.

All is fair in love and war

We would probably be bitter about someone stealing from our haul of eggs, so we truly admire the positive attitude that OP displayed throughout the commotion.

A good attitude is definitely the key to overcoming unexpected situations, such as a swarm of monkeys descending on your truck and stealing your eggs. Perhaps OP understood that these primates were battling hunger and was kind enough to share.

Either way, we hope that everyone involved in this story is safe and sound.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): @siangthong_ple

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