He plays games with a stylus in his mouth

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Images adapted from: BUGABOO.TV/Channel 7

Some strengths come from how people deal with obstacles put in their way, whether it’s having to change jobs or recovering from the virus.

“Nong Golf” is an 18-year-old disabled video game streamer from Thailand who never gave up even after a devastating accident that cost him his future.  

He wanted to become a footballer before the accident

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Image adapted from: BUGABOO.TV/Channel 7

Golf-Paradorn Rungruang’s dream was to become like his idol, Swiss-born Thai footballer Charyl Chappuis. Then, 4 years ago, Golf lost his arms and feet to an electric shock accident.

“At first, I felt depressed, but then I started playing games. It made me stop overthinking, and I made new friends,” he told Channel 7 in an interview.

At his uncle’s suggestion, Golf started streaming as a way to earn some money. More importantly, he wanted to inspire others with his story. 

Tops scoreboards despite limitations

Since 2 weeks ago, Nong Golf started streaming PUBG Mobile on Facebook Live and showed skills to match non-disabled players: “I just keep adapting as I play. Eventually, I don’t even have to look at the screen.”

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Image credit: GOLF NO HANDS channel

“We wanted to pass on the strength to others. For those who feel despair to say to themselves, ‘I have both my hands and feet, how come I don’t fight as hard?’” Golf’s uncle said during the interview.

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Golf being interviewed by Channel 7
Image credit: GOLF NO HANDS channel

Now, Golf’s dream is to become a famous streamer, “Forget the past because the present is now. We have to move forward with what we can.”

He currently has 19k followers cheering him on since starting his Facebook page 2 weeks ago. You can tune in to see Nong Golf’s streams here.

Adapt and overcome

Despite difficult circumstances, people have tried their best to adapt when life got turned upside down by the pandemic. Hopefully, with the easing of lockdowns, life will slowly go back to normal in due time.

When you find yourself going through hardships, remember those who lost their way but never gave up. You should not look back on the bad experiences and make the most of future ones.

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