Dating Apps In Thailand: Local Subtleties, Pros, & Cons

Dating apps in Thailand

Dating apps in Thailand can be hard to figure out. That’s because Thailand has its own dating rules and culture.

That’s not something to fret though, since even for Thais, meeting new people in the big metropolises is hard. Many of us have turned to dating apps as well.

Here are the most popular dating apps in Thailand and what each of them are like to locals.

1. Tinder: the perennial classic whose quality is often gated

Image credit: Mika Baumeister via Unsplash

Tinder has become a household name. Even in Thailand, it is among the most downloaded. But not always the most used.

Because of its massive userbase, in Thailand Tinder has developed a reputation of being filled with bots, profiles of people just looking for followers on Instagram, and requests for one-night stands.

But that’s not to say that Tinder is awful. If you’re either willing to sift through the masses or pay for the premium version, it can be a game changer. With Tinder Gold or Platinum, you’ll find out just why Tinder has earned its worldwide reputation.

You can get Tinder on the Play Store here.

2. Bumble: ladies first

Image credit: Good Faces Agency via Unsplash

If you’ve used Tinder before, then Bumble will come easy to you as its built on the same concepts. It does have one distinct difference though: when you’re matched the lady gets to make the first move.

The idea, according to Bumble, is to allow women to make the first move so that the relationship can start on a more equal footing.

You can get Bumble on the Play Store here.

3. Omi: quizzes & features beyond the usual

Image credit: BrandBuffet

While the other options on here will primarily have you list your interests and use that to find potential dates, Omi adds a dating style quiz as well as photo verification for safety.

You may find that the dating pool is not as big here, with many locals claiming that you’d need to get the paid version for a real shot.

You can get Omi on the Play Store here.

4. KooUp: the local option to partner up using horoscopes

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KooUp is a more local option that you won’t find in any other place. The name is a play on Koo which means partner, so it literally says “partner up.”

What makes it uniquely local is that it’ll use horoscopes to help you find a potential match. This includes things like your sign, your zodiac, all the way to the day of the week you were born.

You can give KooUp a try on the Play Store here.

5. Coffee Meets Bagel: an option for more serious dating

Image credit: Sean Stratton via Unsplash

While the other options here are quick to setup and swipe, Coffee Meets Bagel is an option that’ll have you spending a little bit more time setting up a profile.

For some, this is an appealing option where you feel like you really know someone beyond the big photo you see of them with nary a few words to describe what they’re like.

If you’re a serious dater, why not give Coffee Meets Bagel a try on the Play Store here?

6. ThaiFriendly Dating: an app marketed at international dating in Thailand

Image credit: ThaiFriendly

Among locals, ThaiFriendly is seen as a place for Thai ladies to practice their English with foreigners. And sometimes, practicing leads into something more.

You can get ThaiFriendly on the Play Store here.

Have fun dating, but always be careful

Dating is fun, but it can be quite daunting. Exposure to such a mass pool means that you’ll have to deal with way more rejections that you’re used to, but that just means that the ones that like you, like you that much more.

Do be careful when using these apps because they’re a scammer’s paradise for taking advantage of singles feeling particularly lonely.

If you’ve recently gotten a match, you can up your Thai dating game using these dating slang terms or cheesy pickup lines. But if you’ve gone one step beyond that and are looking for date ideas, check out our guide for unique dates in and around Bangkok.

Cover image adapted from: Mika Baumeister via Unsplash, Good Faces Agency via Unsplash, BrandBuffet, ThaiFriendly