Hia Ping Noodles Near Chinatown Serves Tom Yum Noodles With Over 11 Toppings At ~$1.5

Tom yum noodles with 11 toppings near Yaowarat

Thailand has various styles of noodles from boat noodles, tom yum noodles, to rainbow and soymilk noodles. Noodles, specifically tom yum noodles, are one of the most popular dishes among Thais and have made it to the top of many foreigners’ “must-try” list. 

Just off of Ratchawong Road in Yaowarat, Hia Ping Kuay Tiew Tom Yum has tom yum inoodles with over 11 toppings.

What to order 

Everybody visits Hia Ping Kuay Tiew Tom Yum for their ฿50 Tom Yum Noodles– which has  a generous portion of noodles and 11 topping options. The owner ensures, “There is no need to order a larger portion because we confirm that one serving is fulfilling”

Tom yum noodles with sen yai aka flat rice noodles

In addition to a larger variety of toppings, Hia Ping Kuay Tiew Tom Yum also offers more than the standard ‘flat’, ‘egg’, ‘vermicelli’, noodle options. The restaurant also has Giam-ee, which resemble ‘gnocchi’ and are made from rice flour, as well as Shanghai-style noodles. 

We ordered Tom Yum Egg Noodles (฿50) and can confirm it was, indeed, very impressive. The 11 toppings we ordered are:  

  • Fishballs 
  • Deep-fried pork ball
  • Deep-fried shrimp ball
  • Steamed tofu filled with minced fish
  • Crispy tofu filled with minced pork 
  • Crispy wonton
  • Boiled pork wonton
  • Deep fried taro
  • Sliced fish sausage
  • Soft-boiled egg 
  • Red BBQ pork (Only on Sunday)

The chef at Hia Ping Kuay Tiew Tom Yum makes the toppings daily, ensuring their freshness and vibrant flavour. For us, the deep fried taro – chewy taro slices and peanuts enveloped in a light, crunchy bean curd wrapper – was definitely a highlight.

Deep fried taro 

Thai noodle soup varieties

Hia Ping Kuay Tiew Tom Yum is very famous for their tom yum noodles, as the broth here includes chilli paste which gives the soup a sweet-yet-spicy taste and smoky aroma. For those who aren’t looking for a spice bomb, the restaurant also offers clear soup. The unspicy alternative’s garlic and pepper-based zings are just as vivid, but without the chillies. For those opting for the clear soup, we would recommend that you pair it with giam-ee noodles. 

Giam-mee noodles in yen ta foh soup 

Hia Ping Kuay Tiew Tom Yum also serves yen ta foh soup, a broth that is iconic for its vibrant pink tint. The broth is seasoned with a fuschia sauce made from fermented tofu, which adds a unique tangy scent as well as subtle tarte-ness to the flavour. The restaurant also has a different set of toppings that are best suited for yen ta foh: steamed pork blood, fermented squid, and morning glory. 

Left to right: Tum Yum noodles, Yen Ta Foh noodles and clear soup noodles accompanied by deep fried taro and wontons 

A gastronomic adventure for ฿50

We guarantee that noodles at Hia Ping Kuay Tiew Tom Yum provide customers with a big portion with high-quality ingredients and a very friendly atmosphere, that is further complemented by the pocket-friendly price.The restaurant is also easily accessible – just a short walk from MRT Wat Mangkhon . 

After getting your noodle fix, you can also cross the road to shop at Sam Peng – a place famous among locals for very accessories, stationeries and other knickknacks sold at budget prices.   

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Hia Ping Kuay Tiew Tom Yum
Address: Ratchawong Rd., Chakkrawat, Samphantawong, Bangkok 10100.
Opening Hours: Tue-Fri 8AM-10PM | Sun 8AM-5PM (Closed on Monday).
Nearest Train Station: Wat Mangkhon MRT
Telephone: +66 2 292 2644
Hia Ping Kuay Tiew Tom Yum website

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