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PM2.5 Settles Upon Chiang Mai, Tourists Advised Not To Worry As Main Attractions Are Adjacent To The City 

Air pollution in Chiang Mai

Travel restrictions have been harsh to Thailand’s tourism and hotel industry, and that doesn’t leave Chiang Mai Behind. On top of that, the province is going through a haze of PM2.5 pollutants that haze over the main city. 

On 2nd February 2021, just a day after the city’s announcement that domestic tourists are welcome, a rise of these small, microscopic criminals – fine dust – was reported. This issue urges domestic travellers to stay indoors. 

Haze discourages travel

PM2.5 doesn’t directly hinder the city’s tourism rates until March when agricultural burning starts. This year’s ongoing haze has already started to discourage travellers coming to Chiang Mai, especially in the city centre, remarked Horizon Village and Resort’s Assistant Managing Director, Ms Nantanittata Sesaweech to Chiang Rai Times


PM2.5 Settles Upon Chiang Mai

IQAIR application
Image credit: @noon_puiinoon

For anyone who plans to stay and travel to Chiang Mai, air quality can be checked with IQ Air mobile application for both iOS and Android users. However, sites outside of the city are more popular amongst tourists and have better air quality, as well. 

Chiang Mai wants to boost tourism

In January, Chiang Mai hotel stays dropped by 3-5%, because tourism arrivals from red zones were required to do a 14-day quarantine. When Covid-19 cases decreased and travel restrictions officially eased on 1st February 2021, the city was hoping to see bookings over the long holidays. 

At present, there appear to be no signs of hotel bookings in Chiang Mai throughout February. With the PM2.5 haze settling in, some hoteliers have accepted their losses and have decided to temporarily to close their business, as reported by Bangkok Post

PM2.5 Settles Upon Chiang Mai Chiang Mai Blooms garden
Image credit: Chiang Mai Blooms

President of the Thai Hotels Association (THA) Northern Chapter, Mrs La-Iad Bungsrithong stated that Chiang Mai plans to reboot domestic tourism by hosting more events like Chiang Mai Blooms, Chiang Mai’s annual flora event that attracts many tourists.

Always hold onto your masks

Travel restrictions have been relaxed, bringing hope to wanderlusts again – it is also a time when the disease can spread again. Even though Chiang Mai’s a beautiful place to travel to, it’s very important to carry both your N95s and surgical masks to stay safe. 

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Featured images adapted from: A Broken Backpack

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