Have buffet, BBQ and hot pot at home

The sound of the meat sizzling on a grill and the smell of a boiling hot pot is always satisfying. Restaurants with wide buffet selections are often the best treat after a long week of work.  

However, many restaurants have been ordered to stop dine-in services to comply with the government’s safety measures against COVID-19. As a result, restaurants can only provide delivery or takeaway service. 

Thankfully, you can order your favourite BBQ and hotpot meals and have it at your home from these restaurants!

1. Copper Buffet

bbq buffet hotpotImage credit: Close To Heavens

Copper Buffet is a well-known buffet restaurant among Thais. It is well-known for having luxurious dishes, like free flow foie gras, Wagyu beef noodles, Canadian lobster and Tomahawk steak. 

The restaurant now provides delivery services, and here’s what you can get right now.  

  1. Happy Premium (฿555): you can choose 2 dishes from Group 1, 1 dish from group 2 and 1 dish from group 3.
  2. Delight Premium (฿999): you can choose 4 dishes from Group 1, 2 dishes from Group 2 and 1 dish from Group 3
  3. Freedom Premium (฿1,499): you can choose 9 dishes from Group 1 and 2 and 2 dishes from group 3.  

bbq buffet hotpotImage credit: Close To Heavens

To order, click here

Operation Hours: 10AM – 7PM
Website: Facebook

2. Momo Paradise Buffet

Image credit:Around Online

Long queues are always seen in front of Momo Paradise, which entices customers with a fragrant smell of meat anytime you walk past it. You can now get a meal from Momo without needing to queue up.

Image credit: MoMo Paradise

For people who are home alone, you can choose the Ready To Eat Set (฿240 for Kurobuta Pork, ฿260 for Australian Beef) which you do not have to cook yourself. The set comes with rice and cooked vegetables.

If you enjoy the process of cooking, you can choose the Single Special Mixed Set (฿650).

For those who enjoy tender and premium Wagyu Beef, ordering the Wagyu Single Special Set (฿1,490) is a great choice.

Momo Paradise also provides sets for sharing between 2-3 people like the Party Mixed Set (฿990). This is a great option for families who wish to have a nice meal together at home. 

Image Credit: MoMo Paradise

Order from: LineMan, Foodpanda
Operation Hours: 10.30AM – 7.30PM

3. Bar-B-Q Plaza

Image credit: ICONSIAM 

BAR-B-Q Plaza is a popular Mookata (Thai BBQ) chain restaurant which can be found all around Thailand.  It’s a place that’s great for gatherings as it is budget-friendly.

Image credit: BarBQPlaza

You can get ingredients like vegetables and pork pre-grilled for you when you order the TWOGETHER Set (฿339).

If you wish to do the grilling yourself you can choose from 2 sets, with the cheapest is ฿229 and the most expensive is ฿999.

Image credit: BarBQPlaza

Order from: LineMan, GrabFood
Operation Hours: 6AM – 8PM

4. Kaganoya

Image credit: BK Review

Kagonoya is a premium Japanese hotpot restaurant. The restaurant immediately went viral after releasing a set of 15 plates of meats for just ฿699+. This restaurant has super value-for-money meals too.

Image credit: Kagonoya

The set allows you to choose 15 plates of meats from the choices of Aussie Beef, US Short Plate, Pork and Bacon. It also comes with 2 eggs, vegetable sets and 5 appetisers.

Sounds like an awesome feast to enjoy at home.

Image Credit: pikulham

Order from: LineMan
Operation Hours: 10AM – 7PM

5. MK Restaurant

Image credit: MK Official Website

MK Restaurant is Thailand’s household name for hot pot, known as suki to locals. The first branch was opened in 1986 and the rest is history, with it being a big part of many people’s childhood. 

MK is not only famous for hot pot, but also their roast duck – they once sold over 100,000 roast ducks a day as part of a 1-for-1 promo! 

While that isn’t available anymore, you still can get a plate of roast duck for free if you order their Hotpot Set ( from ฿399). Or, you can simply get a Vegetable Set (฿168) or Sliced Kurobuta Set (฿204).

Place your orders here.

Orders also available on: LineMan, Grabfood
Operation Hours: 7AM – 7.45PM
Facebook| Website

6. Ranprajum Delivery

Image credit: Ranprajum

Ranprajum knows that choosing between BBQ and hotpot is a hard decision. With that in mind, they’ve come out with something that’ll let you eat both at the same time

Additionally, every set you order comes with a 2-in-1 electric grill with an attached hot pot which you have to return in 1 day. The restaurant’s delivery driver will pick up the electric grill from your home the next day.

You can choose to order the Pork Set (From ฿399) or Pork and Seafood Set (฿999) which includes prawns and squids.

Image Credit: Ranprajum

To order, call 02-105-4600

Operating Hours: 11AM – 9PM

7. Haidilao

Image credit: Haidilao US

When the famous hotpot chain Haidilao opened its first outlet in Central World, the queues were wild. Some customers reportedly started queueing at noon, and were only seated at 9pm.

But now, you can order Haidilao online without needing to queue at all. Although you will not experience their hospitality and unique service, you can still enjoy their famous mala hotpot.

Image credit: Haidilao

You can opt for the Takeaway single mala spicy set (฿299) or Delicacy/mushroom set (฿189) if you just want a simple meal.

If you want the “real” hotpot, you can choose the soup base and all the ingredients you need from Haidilao hotpot menu. 

It’s undeniable that mala is a delicious soup base that most can’t resist even if it’s numbingly spicy. Additionally, Haidilao offers lots of ingredients that most hotpot places don’t, like abalone, duck leg, and lamb slices. 

To order, add them on Line at @haidilaothailand or call 02-255-0310

Operating Hours: 10AM – 7.30PM

Practice good hygiene habits

Thanks to these restaurants adapting to the times, we can still enjoy hotpot and BBQ sessions at home. 

However, let’s not forget to practice good hygiene habits and safety measures. Refrain from having big gatherings and do not share utensils.

Cover image adapted from: ICONSIAM, Haidilao Thailand  and Brandage

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