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Thai Buff Bread Vendor Goes Viral, Netizens Excitedly Wait For Grilled Buns

Buff bread vendor goes viral

Hot buns are irresistible.

Whether you agree with this statement or not, we know for sure that we can’t help but indulge in toast topped with sweet toppings, especially when it’s being made by a well-built individual.

Here’s the story of a buff bread vendor in Chiang Rai whose photo went viral on Facebook.

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Thai hunky bread vendor goes viral on Facebook

On 21st November 2021, a photo of Thai shirtless hunky bread vendor went viral after it was posted on คนแชร์ก็สวย Facebook page with a caption that translates to, “They say that the eyes cannot lie”.

Image credit: คนแชร์ก็สวย

The picture saw a buff, topless man with a tattoo across his chest grilling buns along with his eagerly waiting customers – who were staring at him with their eyes wide open.

Image credit: Wonsakong Pintakeaw

The pic quickly became talk 0f the town on Facebook, and Facebook users were curious as to who this hunk is.

They began searching for his name, and found that this hunky man is Wonsakong “Yo” Pintakeaw, a Thai model in Chiang Rai.

Image credit: Pitt Budsanean

Although Yo works as a full-time model, he also helps make and sell grilled buns at his sister’s cafe.

Image credit: Pitt Budsanean

For those who want to meet this good-looking guy grilling buns while completely baring his chest, head over to Preaw Cafe in Chiang Rai where you can enjoy some locally-made bread delicacies.

We’re sure that’s exactly what his customers are there for.

Netizens show mixed reactions to hunky bread vendor

After the pic circulated on Facebook – showing 7.8K shares at the time of writing – many users made hilarious comments on the post.

Screenshot: คนแชร์ก็สวย

Translation: The way she’s looking at him suggests she really wants to eat a grilled bun right now. LOL

One netizen described what one of the customers must be feeling along with a close-up screenshot of her face. The commenter seems to be wondering she’s really just hungry for buns?

Screenshot: คนแชร์ก็สวย

Translation:  Express yourself and yell at those hungry girls LOL 

Another netizen showed concerns about whether or not the hunk fancies women staring at him, and suggested he make a loud noise to ward them off.

While many commenters made funny comments about the pic, one netizen commented that it’s unfair for men to be treated unequally.

Screenshot: คนแชร์ก็สวย

Translation: I’m living in an era where women looking at men with lustful thoughts is normal, while men who do so are called sexual harassers.

With a topic so heavy, we’re not sure if we can deliver a well-informed opinion. However, what we do know is that toasted bread with butter and/or pandan are super addicting.

That’s probably why people are flocking to the cafe.

We’re suddenly hungry for grilled buns

We couldn’t agree more with the statement about toasted bread being irresistible – especially when they’re made by a kindhearted man who’s trying to help out his sister.

We’re totally confident that the man’s Instagram account would have more followers -including us- who will happily watch a livestream of him grilling buns without on a shirt on.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): คนแชร์ก็สวย, Pitt Budsanean

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