Buakaw Agrees To Teach Muay Thai To American Boy

Buakaw agrees to teach Muay Thai

Muay Thai, also known as Thai boxing, maintains a strong reputation worldwide. Many foreigners are eager to travel to Thailand and learn this martial art.

And, if you’re a real fan of Thai boxing, you can agree that Buakaw is one of the greatest and the most universally recognised Thai boxers in the modern era.

In a recently viral news, Buakaw offered to teach Muay Thai to a middle-school American boy. Read more to know the whole story.

Buakaw to teach Muay Thai to an American boy

Screenshot: @reed_harrington23 via Instagram

The American boy went viral after he posted an IG video of himself promising to do whatever the top comment told him to if he hit 200K followers. The post was filled with over 50k comments, and the most-liked comment, posted by IG user fiven9nekid’s, suggested that the boy fly to a small town in Thailand and start learning Muay Thai so he can join the UFC in America. The comment gained over 3 million likes.

Screenshot: @reed_harrington23 via Instagram

Eventually, the viral video reached Buakaw Banchamek — the world-renowned Thai boxer. In an act of generosity, he commented on the boy’s post that he was ready to welcome the boy and willing to take care of him.

Image credit: @buakaw1 via Instagram

His comment surprised a lot of netizens and got over 60k likes.

Thai netizens approve of Buakaw’s idea

Screenshot: Banchamek Gym via Facebook

Translation: It would be really challenging for the boy. I encourage him to come. Thailand always welcomes.

Screenshot: Banchamek Gym via Facebook

Translation: Muay Thai learners who have Buakaw as a trainer are lucky.

Screenshot: Banchamek Gym via Facebook

Translation: Come to Thailand boy!

Screenshot: Banchamek Gym via Facebook

Translation: Damn! the boy is really lucky if he gets to train with Buakaw.

We want to see him train with Buakaw

Imagine how nice it would be to be a student of Buakaw, one of the greatest boxers in Thailand. Hopefully, the boy will really come to Thailand in the future and start his training with him. We might get to see the boy become a great boxer like him.

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Cover image adapted from: @reed_harrington23 via Instagram and @buakaw1 via Instagram

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