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Bangkok Relaxes Covid-19 Restrictions, Gyms, Spas, Massage Parlours Etc To Open On 22 January

Bangkok to open some public venues 

UPDATES: On 30th January 2021, Mr. Aswin Kwanmuang, Bangkok Governor has announced the reopening of venues in Bangkok that were previously closed due to the surge of Covid-19 cases. The governor emphasised that these decisions are in line with the guidelines set by The Centre For Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) and that establishments must follow measures implemented by the administration. The order approved by the committee’s comes into effect on February 1st 2021, as reported by The Nation Thailand. The updates are listed in bold below.

On 21st January 2021, Police Lieutenant Colonel Phongsakorn Kwanmuang from the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) announced a relaxation of Covid-19 rules. Effective 22nd January, previously-closed establishments like massage parlours, gyms and arcades will be allowed to operate under certain restrictions.

Must obey protocols 

According to The Standard, the BMA assured the public that this decision is in line with the Bangkok Communicable Disease Committee. Below is a list of places allowed to operate, and their safety protocols. 

  1. Arcades 
    • Attendees and staff must wear a mask at all times 
    • High-touch surfaces, like games, must be cleaned frequently 
  2. Internet cafes 
    • Attendees and staff must wear a mask at all times 
    • High-touch surfaces, like keyboards, mouses, monitors, and tables must be cleaned frequently 
  3. Nursing Homes 
    • Activities must be limited 
    • Contact between residents is discouraged 
  4. Competition venues except for boxing stadiums, horse racing venues 
    • Absolutely no observers will be allowed 
  5. Banquet Facilities and similar settings, but no buffets allowed
    • No more than 100 people are allowed at once 
    • The serving of alcohol and dancing are not permitted 
    • Gatherings of over 300 people must be authorised by the BMA
  6. Buddhist Amulet Stores 
    • There can only be a limited number of patrons in the store at one time 
  7. Beauty Parlours (those that haven’t been certified as medical clinics) such as tattoo parlours and piercing places 
    • Attendees and staff must wear a mask at all times 
    • High touch surfaces must be frequently cleaned 
  8. Fitness Centres 
    • Trainers are not yet allowed to train due to proximity 
    • Must maintain a radius of 2 metres from other athletes at all times
  9. Health Establishments, like spas and massage parlours 
    • Both providers and patrons must wear a mask at all times 
  10. Boxing-Specific Training Grounds including gyms and camps 
    • Only shadow boxing is permitted – no sparring 
    • No competition or spectators allowed
  11. Bowling Lanes, Skating Rinks and Similar Establishments 
    • No competition or spectators allowed
  12. Dance studios and schools 
    • No competition or spectators allowed
  13. Martial Arts Schools and Gyms 
    • No competition or spectators allowed
  14. Restaurants 
    • Dine-in services allowed until 11 PM 
    • Guests can order alcohol as takeaway 
  15. Department stores can resume normal hours,
    • Advised against organising events that promote large crowds 
  16. Exhibition and convention halls 
  17. Meeting rooms
    • 100 participants maximum 
  18. Both indoor and outdoor swimming pools 
  19. Museums, historical sites, and botanical gardens 
  20. Lakes can resume hosting aquatic activities 
  21. Schools
  22. Pet shops, pet grooming establishments and pet hotels 
  23. Theatres and playhouses 

The story is still developing, stay tuned for updates.

Featured image adapted from: Bangkok Fitness, Medium, Gym Membership Fees 

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