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Australia Bushfire Donations – Here’s How To Help Australia’s Wildfire Victims And Relief Causes 

How to donate to Australia’s bushfires

bushfires cover
Image credit: Reuters, AAP

Australia’s hellish wildfires have been blazing since September 2019, and though some rain brought relief last night, the situation continues to intensify. The death toll is now up to 24 people, with over 2,000 homes and 6.3 million hectares of land destroyed.

If you’re sitting from where you are wondering how you can help even from miles away, hope is not lost. Here’s a list of legitimate donation sites for organisations and relief causes to do what we can to help.


australia bushfires injured wildlife
Image credit: Reuters

It’s devastating to know that almost half a billion animals have lost their lives to the fires, which is a number that’s quite hard to wrap our heads around. 

Organisations and hospitals all across the country are doing their best to help injured animals and protect Australia’s fauna, like the following:

australia bushfires injured kangaroo
A rescued kangaroo with burned foot pads
Image credit: Jill Gralow/Reuters

You can also read more about Port Macquarie Koala Hospital’s efforts here:


australia bushfires firefighters
Image credit: AAP

Many of those who have risked their lives include volunteer firefighters, whom we can help by donating to local fire brigades.

Sadly, Australia has seen the loss of 3 volunteer firefighters over the course of December. If you would like to help their families, you can do so via NSW’s Rural Fire Service page here


australia bushfires house damage
Hundreds of families have been displaced from their homes because of the fires
Image credit: AAP

Here are relief funds that accept monetary donations as well as goods for families and individuals in need. The organisations have also provided steps for international donors to follow.

Note: While item donations are welcome, it is recommended to donate money instead as this is more convenient for volunteers and can prevent them from receiving goods that cannot be used.

International donations can help during this time

Whether you’re situated in Thailand or anywhere else in the world, you are never too far to lend a helping hand to Australia during this heartbreaking time. A little goes a long way, so spread the good word and we hope the situation gets better soon.

Know any other means to help? Share it with us in the comments below.

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