Alpaca Hill Is A Farm & Petting Zoo With New Zealand Vibes, Just 3 Hours From Bangkok

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Alpaca Hill in Ratchaburi

This one’s for all of you out there who’ve dreamed of having an alpaca as a pet. Alpaca Hill is where you can experience being friends with an alpaca: feed them, snap #selfies with them and even hang out with their other friendly farm neighbours like capybaras, just a 3-hour drive from Bangkok.

So if you’re ready to get ambushed by a ton of love and fluffy alpaca hugs, read on to find out more about this alpaca farm which also doubles up as a petting zoo.

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Tiny little homes reminiscent of Hobbiton

Image credit: @benyells

Like I said, Alpaca Hill is basically a mini New Zealand hidden away in Thailand. We spotted these tiny houses that are reminiscent of the little homes that belong to the hobbits in Hobbiton. 

Besides adorable cottages, you’ll spot friendly free-roaming geese just casually hanging out for #selfies. You’ve got to be a little ninja about it but once you get a good spot and a talented photographer, you’re bound to get some IG-worthy pics in.

Image credit: @jellyfied

Whilst you are at the farm, you’ll also be given two charming cans that you can carry and feed the geese with. Why else would these beautifully white, yet awfully clumsy geese waddle up to us right? They’re the main attraction, not us.

Image credit: @paikapiak

Once you’re done getting those pics in, it’s time to check out the true main characters of this farm. Cue the alpacas.

Free-to-roam alpacas hanging in their enclosures

Image credit: @AlpacaHillThailand

Once you enter the cozy home of the alpacas, you’ll find them grazing lazily and happily coming up to sneak a treat from you.

Trust me, they’re just as cute in person. The alpacas here are perfectly groomed and cared for – this one that we met even looked like he came straight out of an 18th century party. Check out that medieval collar, ykwim?

Image courtesy of @jellyfied

I have no idea what it is about alpacas but they’ve got such an endearing look on them. It’s almost like they’re perpetually smiling.

Image credit: @mook_lalita

If you haven’t got enough love from these alpacas alone, know that Alpaca Hill has even more furry friends awaiting ya. It’s a full-on farm animal party.

More than 20 other types of farm animals call Alpaca Hill their home

Image credit: AlpacaHill

In addition to their resident alpacas, you can also meet the animals like the elusive capybara. But perhaps you aren’t quite looking to get up close and personal with chonkier beasts just yet. We’d recommend getting in some snuggle time with the tiniest animals here – aka this smol baby goat.

Image credit: @avavinx

Of course, not all animals are only beautiful because they are fluffy. Alpaca Hill is also home to its friendly nocturnals like this owl here, proud to call the farm its home.

Image credit: @jellyfied

Once you’re done getting to know all the residents here at Alpaca Hill, make sure to get yourselves ready for some refreshments at their cafe.

Melon-themed desserts and carbonara at the cafe

Image credit: Klook 

After the adventure, you’re bound to be in need of some refreshments to keep you going for the rest of your day. We noticed that they do have signature desserts on the menu, served with a dollop of melon-flavoured soft serve, which will be perfect after a day out in the wild.

Image credit: Klook

If you’re hungry for a full meal, check out some of their pasta options on the menu. A heaping serving of carbonara paired with a refreshing melon shake does sound like a good way to end the visit.

Getting to Alpaca Hill

If you’re an animal lover and your mum has never let you have a pet at home, a sojourn to Alpaca Hill could be just what Dr Doolittle ordered. It’s not just how cute the animals are but also how friendly and ever-ready they are to engage and hang out with you.

So if you’re up for a taste of New Zealand or a taste of life as an alpaca-mom, then make sure to bookmark this place before your next trip to Thailand. Do note that it’s about a 3-hour drive from Bangkok, so you’ll have to score a ride there.

Alpaca Hill
Address: 357 Moo8, Phapok-Tako Land Rd, Suanphung Ratchaburi 70180, Thailand
Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri 9.30AM-5PM | Saturday 9AM-6PM | Sunday 9.30AM-6PM.
+66 80 821 2108
Alpaca Hill Facebook | Instagram | Google Maps

Cover images adapted from (Left to Right): @mook_lalita , @benyells, @alpacahill

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