Adventurous washing machine travels across room

Washing machines making loud noises or randomly switching off are troubles that all owners dread. While those are the most common problems for washing machines, certain washers’ problems can turn out to be hilarious instead of frustrating.

Here’s the story of a washing machine that refused to sit still while doing its job and travelled across room.

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Functioning washing machine strolls across the room

On 17th January 2022, a Thai Facebook user, Nann Ptc, posted a video of her washing machine that refused to stay in its spot.

In the clip, the machine was found walking across the room while it was washing the woman’s clothes.

GIF: Nann Ptc

The video was posted with a caption asking netizens how to stop the machine from walking. Through the many comments on her post, the woman was thankfully able to find a solution and thanked the netizens for their help.

While the issue was resolved, it’s still worth noting that it was pretty funny.

Netizens wonder if the machine wants to run away from home

After the clip was posted online, many netizens laughed at the clip and speculated the reason behind the machine’s strange behaviours.

Screenshot: Nann Ptc

Translation: He will run away from home.

One netizen suggested that the washer wanted to leave the house.

Screenshot: Nann Ptc

Translation: So cute. Really want the machine to run to me everyday so that I will not forget to wash my clothes.

Another netizen apparently wants a running washing machine to remind him to wash his clothes.

Screenshot: Nann Ptc

Translation: Undo the three screws in the back of the machine. This problem will not happen again.

One Facebook user shared a solution to the running machine problem.

Find solutions online & follow the steps

If you happen to encounter your washing machine travelling across the room just like the woman did, you also have a solution on hand.

One easy way to deal with this unlikely occurrence is crowd-source for solutions and browse through the internet hoping to find how someone else dealt with it.

Once you find the solutions, follow the steps provided, but if it’s unsolved, contact the technician to help solve the problem.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): Nann Ptc

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