Thai man buys 4 winning lottery tickets

Finding a winning lottery number is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

But, some people are lucky enough to find one for themselves. To give you an example, last month, a temple driver became a millionaire after dreaming of a van caught on fire.

However, certain individuals are born with eagle eyes that catch them four needles in one go.

Here’s the story of a Thai man who bought four lotto tickets and wound up with a ฿24 million (~USD735,000) jackpot.

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Man’s four lotto tickets draw him millions of jackpot

A 45 year-old factory worker, Sarawut Ngamprasert, became an overnight millionaire after he won a ฿24 million (~USD735,000) in the latest lottery draw on 1st March 2022.

Image credit: บ้านเมือง

A picture of the lucky winner holding his jackpot tickets No.061905 was posted across news sites by several media outlets such as LINE TODAY and บ้านเมือง.

Image credit: Thairath

Sarawut revealed that he has been buying lottery tickets with his pickup’s registration number ‘905’ in all draws.

But, this draw, he was blessed with luck since all four of the lottery tickets he bought landed him the jackpot prize – ฿6 million (~USD184,000) – resulting in him getting ฿24 million (~USD735,000), according to Thairath.

Image credit: LINE TODAY

After winning the lotto, his relatives paid his house a visit by van to congratulate him and celebrate his victory.

The lucky winner is popular among his relatives now

After the story was posted online, many netizens poured in to congratulate Sarawut on his good fortune. Some of them also speculated that he must be loved by all of his relatives.

Screenshot: CH3ThailandNews

Translation: His relatives miss him now. LOL

One netizen suggested that his relatives have suddenly missed him.

Screenshot: CH3ThailandNews

Translation: The more you win, the more relatives you win. Congratulations

Another commenter suggested that his win may have earned him a larger family.

Screenshot: CH3ThailandNews

Translation: Congratulations

Two netizens congratulated the man on his victory.

Let’s buy lotto tickets with the same number

The lucky winner has proved to us that buying lotto tickets with the same number every draw gives us more chances to become an overnight millionaire.

So, let’s give this tip a try, and see its result in the next draw.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): LINE TODAY , Thairath

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