Cheap meals during Covid-19

With the virus making the economy more fragile and peoples’ income streams becoming less stable, there have been a number of Thai eateries that have made their meals very affordable to the public.

Mr. Patcharpol Rodpie, owner of Job Jab BBQ restaurant in Pattaya recently opened Kanom Jeen Je Ni behind Khao Noi Market in Pattaya, where everything on the menu is ฿30 (~USD1).

Every dish is ฿30

 Thai Man Opens Pattaya Eatery With All Dishes At ฿30Pattaya Mayor Mai Chaiyanit and other Pattaya administrators went to congratulate Mr. Rodpie before the opening of his kanom jeen eatery.
Image credit: The Pattaya Mail

Thai Man Opens Pattaya Eatery With All Dishes At ฿30
Kanom Jeen Set
Image credit: Sawaddi Patong Resort & Spa สวัสดีป่าตอง รีสอร์ท แอนด์ สปา

Kanom jeen is a unique Thai dish – it has a base of noodles made from fermented rice paired with different kinds of curries then topped with shredded cabbages, long beans, and cucumbers. Some restaurants also offer other finishing like eggs and anchovies.

Mr. Ropie’s eatery serves crab, fish, sour fish organs, anchovies, sweet and green curries alongside Kanom jeen noodles, according to The Pattaya Mail

Thai Man Opens Pattaya Eatery With All Dishes At ฿30Pork noodles dish at Mr.Patchapol’s shop
Image credit: The Pattaya Mail

For noodle enthusiasts, he’s also got pork noodles with blood soup that top with braised pork and stewed pork.

For more information about this amazing eatery, call +66-90-080-0003.

Food is becoming affordable

The pandemic has shown the importance of making food more affordable, especially due to the fact that many people have lost their jobs. It’s truly a silver lining to see that there are many eateries like Mr. Rodpie’s who have made it their mission to provide the less fortunate with meals. 

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Featured image adapted from: The Pattaya Mail

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