7 Of The Best Side Hustles To Up Your Financial Game In 2024

Best side hustles in 2024

While you can have a pretty comfortable life on a relatively cheap budget in Thailand, there’s nothing wrong with turning some of those after-work hours into something that’ll stuff your wallet. 

Here are 7 of the best, but simple side hustles you can pick up to supplement your income without breaking your back.

1. Signing up to be a courier

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Image credit: Chainwit via Wikimedia Commons

As long as you have a license and a vehicle, you can do this one. All you have to do is check out the requirements and benefits to see which one matches up with your work schedule and needs the best. 

Nowadays, many Thais have their side business selling various things ranging from food to DIY crafts and reselling stuff they bought abroad. Many of these Thais need someone to deliver their products to their online customers, and that’s where you come in. 

Common apps include Grab and LINE MAN.

2. Selling products online

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Image credit: RoseBox رز باکس via Unsplash

As just mentioned, many Thais are selling stuff online. Thais love getting deals that are a steal, and you can be the one to offer them that. 

You can sell a variety of products ranging from second-hand items that you can procure from yourself or your friends, DIY or handmade products you’ve made, as well as selling brand items you’ve bought wholesale. 

With how easy it is to set up your own online store on Shopee or Lazada, and then advertise your stuff through TikTok, the real challenge here lies in handling logistics.

3. Freelance writing or graphic design side hustles

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Image credit: Thanzi Thanzeer via Unsplash

Small businesses in Thailand are always in need of freelance help, especially to market their products and services. So if you’re a skilled writer or a graphic designer, you might be able to help them out and make a pretty buck while you’re at it. 

You can find these opportunities through Facebook groups or post a listing through Fastwork.co.

4. Language tutoring

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Image credit: Headway via Unsplash

Whether it’s for work or for socialising, everyone is looking to learn a second, or even third, language. 

For many Thais, English and Chinese remain some of the more popular languages to learn. Tutoring Thai is an option too! Many foreign expats are looking for opportunities to learn the Thai language, and some parents are also looking to strengthen their children’s language skills as well. 

Once again, you can make your services available on Fastwork.co to a primarily Thai audience. Facebook is another good avenue, especially for expats.

5. Translation work

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If you haven’t seen some of the most brilliant cases of Google Translate being used in Thailand, then I highly encourage you to not miss out on that gem. With those examples in mind, most of the translating work in Thailand won’t be for fixing hilariously literal translations of signs. Most of them will either be academic work which requires some technical knowledge or translating advertisements. 

Facebook and Fastwork remain excellent ways to get your message to your intended audience.

6. Opening a stall at a flea market or night market

Image credit: เท Flea Market via Facebook

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like or if you have what it takes to run a stall at a night market, then you can! The most popular ones are often fully booked, but pop-up flea markets happen all the time throughout the country and are often looking for vendors for their booths. 

So whether you’ve got awesome crafts or think your cooking is going to draw a crowd, keep an eye out for upcoming flea markets. You can spot many of these openings on Facebook pages of these markets, or right here on our website.

7. Cook for strangers from your home

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Image credit: Jonathan Borba via Unsplash

If you’ve been in Thailand for a day, then at least 5 different people have asked you if you’ve eaten yet. Thailand is obsessed with food. Naturally, one of the biggest businesses is cooking since Thais are always looking for a great deal for a great meal. 

You have a bunch of options from cooking easy meals like Krapao to baking treats. Just make sure you take great photos of your offerings and put them on social media before selling them through Grab, LINE MAN, or any of the tons of delivery apps.

Earn more with these side hustles in Thailand

Everyone wants to spoil themselves a bit but to get there, sometimes you need to put in a little extra effort. With this many choices of side hustles though, you might just end up enjoying that effort while earning some cash to fuel your next spending spree or big-budget trip.

For ways to spend your newfound cash, why not plan a trip to some of Thailand’s most awesome lesser-known temples? Or you could try one of Bangkok’s most popular buffets at Copper Beyond Buffet.

Cover image adapted from: Chainwit via Wikimedia Commons, เท Flea Market via Facebook, Headway via Unsplash